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Monday, February 14, 2005


- Originally published as “Living in Love,” ©1986 Bettye Johnson

Love is to see with the eyes of a child. To be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts and to use the imagination.

Love is to dream a dream and allow it to become.

Love is to let go of doubt, fear and guilt because these are the killers of dreams.

Love is the awareness and acceptance of one’s self-worth.

Love is the letting go of all judgments and beliefs that keep us in bondage to limitation.

Love knows that personal experience brings wisdom.

Love is letting go of expectations of others and not living someone else’s expectations.

Love is allowing. It is allowing others to be right and it is allowing others to be wrong. By allowing other people to be just as they are and the past to be, brings to fruition true forgiveness.

Love is to look beyond outer appearances and know the true reality of situations as well as other people.

Love is to be giving. To be compassionate. To be understanding of others.

Love is to be in harmony with Nature and to understand the natural laws.

Love recognizes we cannot change the world or other people. It is the recognition that we can only change ourselves. By changing our beliefs and opening the door to know knowledge, we change our world.

Love seeks to be a beneficial presence.

Love is expanding and unlimiting our mind.

Love knows no boundaries.

Love is unlimited and when we live Love, we realize an inner harmony and peace, which passes all understanding.