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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


By Bettye Johnson © 2005

What the blank do we know about the Bible? If you have been like me, not very much. I have been on an odyssey for many years learning what the Bible is all about and I used this research when I wrote “Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls.” Since its publication I have continued to research and over the years have learned that the Bible is all about distorted history, false claims, codes and much more. The following are my perceptions and they make sense to me based on the information I have found.

The DaVinci Code has triggered an interest in wanting to know what these characters of history are all about and this includes, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the Catholic Church, and religion along with Leonardo DaVinci. Who is right? Who is wrong? Well, it depends on what one wants to believe.

In doing research, I learned that most of the documents are filled with truths and half-truths as well as lies. I have kept in mind that in ancient times there were no computers and no spell check. Anyone who has written a book knows how valuable editors are and even then a glitch manages to get by. In ancient times not all the scribes were well educated. Research is very much like unraveling a puzzle or one could say it is following Ariadne’s Web.

During my odyssey I have learned that the Bible is in actuality a book about control – meaning the control of the human mind. It is said that elephants not living in the wild have been tamed by hobbling them to a stake. The elephants are strong enough to pull up the stake, but do not and allow themselves to be chained. Why? It is because of their programming/training. Humans are much like elephants. They allow themselves to be hobbled to belief systems given to them by someone outside of themselves. They have hobbled minds. The Bible is one such tool and the hobbling has been reinforced for eons by religion with its origins thousands of years ago.

In the Book of Genesis there is a verse about the creation of the human. It states: “Let us make man in our image…” (Genesis 1:26). This one verse should cause bells to ring in our brain. However most theologians and so-called experts ignore it, claim it is a mistranslation or scratch their heads while thinking what the blank is this all about?

In Genesis the words Anunnaki, Elohim and Nephilim are mentioned. The word Elohim is from the Hebrew and most theologians and religions allege it means the Jewish and Christian God. However, this is a misinterpretation because Elohim is derived from the word eloah, which is feminine. . It comes from eloah goddess plus im, which makes it a plural ending. To remove the ah and adding im, this becomes plural and through the ages the patriarchs of the Jewish religion and Christian religions have assumed it means a male God. From the website of Hebrew4Christians, it gives Eloah as the singular form of Elohim meaning God. In the Hebrew Tanakh (The Jewish Bible) the work Eloah is mentioned 70 times. This will be addressed as you read on.

The Anunnaki represents a group of Sumerian mythological and Akkadian deities. But were they myths? And why are they mentioned in the Old Testament? Great scholars have translated ancient Sumerian texts that tell the story of the Anunnaki coming to planet Earth from another planet that some call Nibiru. The head of these Anunnaki was Anu who was the chairman of a high council of 12 gods with the Earth being divided into 12 sectors with one sector to each of these 12 gods – or so the story goes. There is nothing set in concrete, therefore one must tread carefully through the mind-field of research. Zechariah Sitchen has done an admirable job with his books, The Earth Chronicles of which are his interpretations of the translations of the Sumerian texts. His research indicates Nibiru was the 12th planet in our planetary system. From this planet came a council of 12 with each member given a piece of the Earth. This is most interesting and intriguing and I will return to this later.

One might ask why did they come to this planet and what was their intent. According to Sitchen, scouts were sent out to find a planet containing gold. Nibiru has an extremely long orbit and the further away from the sun life diminishes. Therefore gold is needed to seed their atmosphere and bring light to the planet. All of this supposedly happened approximately 450,000 years ago with the advance party finding gold. The Anunnaki began to mine it and transport it back to Nibiru. Their first landing is reportedly in the Mesopotamia area that became the base of their operations.

After some thousands of years, the Anunnaki workers became tired of mining for gold and ask that other workers be secured to take their place. In those days, an Anunnaki year was equal to a few thousand of ours.

In Genesis 6:1-18 there is reference to the Nephilim and this word has been translated to mean giants or mighty men. The verses go on to tell of the Sons of God and the Daughters of men who mated and bore children. Now what the blank does this mean? Already living on Earth was a strain of entities similar to apes that were evolving at their own pace.

According to most of the Sumerian scholars, Anu had two sons named Enlil and Enki by different mothers and a daughter named Ninhursag. There are many variations of their relationships, however the overall thread I have found is that Ninhursag was a great scientist – a geneticist and Enki was also a scientist. As the story goes, Ninhursag, the geneticist began experimenting with the local entities to create slave labor. Perhaps this is where the centaurs came from or the Pegasus. None of this happened overnight. There were many experiments but none could reproduce. One could call this first being Adam, however it could not reproduce. The great Mother Goddess (Eloah) Ninhursag chose to fertilize the eggs of the female entities with the sperm of the Anunnaki. The female Anunnaki became surrogate mothers and carried these fetuses to birth. Thus came Adam and Eve plus a host of others with each female reproducing. The Eve was an evolution of the Adam.

There really couldn’t be only one Adam and Eve because who would Cain marry? Where did his ‘wife’ come from? Over a period of time, the new humans being born were refined; however there is another part of the story in the Bible and this is the tales that Eve ate an apple and insisted Adam eat of it also. Eve became the bad girl and much blame has been placed on her. What happened, according to my research and choosing that which makes the most sense – is that the serpent represents knowledge. In the Sumerian tablets, Enki is represented as a serpent and the god of wisdom. He gave them knowledge. Enki is said to have given his sperm to create the hybrid worker.

It is most likely Ninhursag, who in all probability is the Eloah, had a laboratory for genetic engineering in each of the 12 sectors given to the Council of 12 members. It is said that those humans who did not meet the standards she was after for slave labor were turned out of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Edens being the laboratories for genetic engineering. Yes, they were kicked out rather than being exterminated. Now what did they do? They learned to become self sufficient and multiplied. Those who migrated to the hot regions developed a pigment in their skin that made their skin very dark. Others migrated to areas where it was cooler and their skin became lighter.

The greatness of Ninhursag is that she along with the team of scientists helping her developed a magnificent computer brain for the new humans. The only drawback is that it was a divided brain with the potential of becoming unified and filled with unlimited neuro networks. A brilliant woman! To add to this, the human was given a great DNA and now scientists are realizing that there is much more to the so-called junk DNA. From my perspective it means we have the genes of not only the gods AKA Anunnaki, but also the primitive female of 100,000 years ago. Sitchen has given a timeline in his book The Twelfth Planet: Year 445,000 the Nephilim arrived on Earth led by Enki; Earth undergoes interglacial period; 300,000 the Anunnaki mutiny and Ninhursag with Enki began creating an entity to be a worker. It wasn’t until approximately 100,000 that the worker was created to where they could propagate. A recent Pravda article dated 10/11/05 states that researchers claim that centaurs were for real which lends credence to the possibility these creatures were part of Ninhursag's experiments.

If one is interested enough, there are many sources with information to really find out what the Old Testament is all about. A familiar name such as Noah must have been a hybrid offspring of the Anunnaki or Nephilim and the daughters of the primitive beings. It is perfectly plausible that the famous Ark Noah built was a type of submarine and instead of actual two by two animals and birds, Noah took with him a genetic bank including DNA so these animals and birds could be recreated again once the deluge subsided. How could anyone take a pair of horses, cows, elephants, etc.?

Over many thousand years, each sector developed under the rule of one of the Council of 12 and flourished. Archaeology is discovering more and more artifacts each year. There are the great pyramids with the most famous ones being those located in Egypt. Pyramids have been located in Mexico, Yucatan, Bosnia, China and there are the mysterious mounds in the U.S. Could it be that Stonehenge and other formations along with the flattop pyramids were landing pads for the space ships of the Anunnaki? The Old Testament has within it many references to space ships with the Book of Ezekiel being the most noted.

Zechariah Sitchen published The 12th Planet in 1976 and this was the beginning of awareness being brought forth to the public. Since then, there have been many scholars and many translations that have enhanced this research. Sitchen’s works are well worth reading for those who seek to know more. Another interesting book published in the 70’s is Ruth Montgomery’s The World Before. Since then information has burgeoned. For a glossary of the Sumerian gods, I suggest you read The Lost Book of Enki by Sitchen.

Returning to the use of number 12, I have had a desire to understand the meaning of the number 12 for many years. We have the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles, 12 Days of Christmas, 12 signs in the Zodiac, 12 months in a year, 12 members of a jury, and now the 12th planet along with the 12 sectors or 12 regions and a council of 12. I finally found an understanding in John Michell’s book New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury. In his book, Michell writes of Plato’s own account of how the culture of early civilization began when the gods reigned on earth. When they departed, “they initiated certain people into the secrets of their law.”

Michell writes, “These civilizations were built upon an esoteric code of law. Essentially it was a code of number, representing the mathematics of creation, and from it were derived all the art forms and institutions of the nation, its music, the proportions of the temples and even its constitution.” This indicates a great foundation. Michell goes on to write that the gods who first ruled were 12 in number. Here are the 12 again.

We have 12 gods with each governing the 12 regions of the earth. We must remember that this happened over thousands of years. As Plato had written in his Laws, there came a time when the gods knew they had to depart and with the selected and trained people in the secrets of their laws, the Earth was placed in the care of kingships. In each region 12 tribes were created. From the 12 regions each with its 12 tribes we have a total of 144 tribes. Each tribe having a king and each region or sector corresponded to zodiacal signs and the months of the year. At last I had an answer that resonated within me.

As long as the standards set forth were upheld, the societies flourished and when the societies began ignoring the standards, decadence set in. It would appear we have gone downhill instead of evolving. However we have had our peaks and now with what is going on in the world we appear to be in a deep valley.

From the translations of the Sumerian tablets, not all of these gods were benevolent. There became a time when some were fighting among themselves for control over the Earth and there was jealousy and hate. One only has to read the Old Testament to realize how mean and vile the god Jehovah was. But who was Jehovah? He must have been a descendent of the original members of the Council of 12. There are records from the Sumerian tablets that among the Nephilim there was a great war, which today we would describe nuclear. This is also given in ancient Vedic texts. Could it be why we have the Dead Sea where there is no life in it? The Great Salt Lake in Utah also has so much salt that fish cannot survive in it.

According to Sitchen it was around 13,000 years ago when the Nephilim departed and the humans survived the great deluge. Thus the Old Testament creates a storyline of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Apparently these 12 tribes were created over many thousand of years and for anyone to claim a lineage from the names in the Old Testament is ludicrous. In fact, it is plain silly and indicates a lack of understanding in the research done.
…To be continued.