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Friday, June 10, 2005

Mind Expansion

Since writing Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, I have been asked a number of times if there are real scrolls and where did I get a copy of them. Before I answer that, I want to give some background.

The greatest thing we can for our mind is to gain knowledge. There are times when we do not understand what we are hearing or what we are reading, however by persevering, it begins to permeate our mind and brings understanding. Some years ago I was introduced to Religious Science, also known as Science of the Mind. Even though the words were in English, I felt like I was hearing and reading a foreign language. Within me, I knew there was something important there and I persevered. Finally a light went on in my brain and when the understanding came, it seemed so simple. It became my accepted thought.

Along the way and as I gained more knowledge, I began to realize that the brain was the carrier of information coming from the mind. The more knowledge I gained, the greater understanding came to me. I had heard of the Akashic Records and at one point it seemed to be airy fairy. I had heard there were those who seemingly were able to go into these records and access information of the past, present and future. I thought this was interesting but the realization didn't fully come to me of the importance of this until I began studying quantum physics. In quantum physics the past, present and future exist simultaneously. Timelines are not necessarily linear.

Quantum physics? Those two words seem to be frightening to most people who think only a genius or a physicist could understand it. For one who failed algebra in high school, I approached this subject with trepidation. When I was taught the basic concepts, quantum physics became easy to understand and it is accessible to anyone who desires to know.

In studying the brain and mind, I have learned that all thoughts go into a great quantum cauldron, which is called the Mind of God - or the Akashic Records. Some may call it quantum Mind. Every thought that has ever been thought is in this Great Cauldron and can be accessed by anyone who wants to know if they really want to know. All thoughts of the past, present and future exist now in the Mind of God. When we gain knowledge and experience, along with giving up limitation after limitation, the greater the ability we will have to access the greater Mind of God. We are expanding the neuronets in our brain to allow for more information to be accessed. Our brain is like a radio. It receives and sends information. It is also a powerful computer.

Now getting back to the Magdalene Scrolls and the question: are they real? Perhaps. I knew I wanted to write a book and the idea came to me of scrolls. As I began writing, the book took on its own form and I have said many times that it is as if the book was writing itself. Often I had no idea where the twists and turns would take the story. Perhaps I was tapping into knowledge that already exists in the Mind of God.

In the quantum world, all things exist simultaneously and all things are possible. It is possible and a potential that there are actual scrolls waiting to be found and I was the one to herald their existence. Maybe there is a surprise around the corner. Stay in touch and perhaps we will learn more.

The sequel to Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls began writing itself in my head this past January. Oh what a grand adventure!