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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Intellectual Design Versus Evolution Theory

In recent news, it is reported there is a movement to teach Intellectual Design in schools along with the theory of Evolution. This caught my interest and I began researching for more information. It would appear that Intellectual Design (ID) is another form of the creationist theory and alleges that life came from intelligence from a being or alien beings. Alien beings? I am simplifying this. The Christian movement is urging that ID be taught in schools along with the theory of Evolution, however all indications point to the slant being towards the Christian god as the responsible being.

After contemplating this, I have concluded they are both correct in one sense. If one were to reason this, it would have to be an intelligence that initiated the creation of life in the universe and once the idea came into being that there would be natural evolution of the species. However, I take issue with the Christian point of view that it was their god. In actuality there were and are many gods.

If one were to go to the Christian Bible, and read Genesis, 1st chapter, one would find most of it was about a God. It doesn’t say whose god. However in Genesis 1:26 there is an interesting verse, “And god said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea…..” Doesn’t that sound like more than one god?

By the way, I am using the King James Version. I also know this has puzzled theologians for years. However, if one were to research the Sumerian tablets, one would learned about the Nephilim, also called the Annunaki, which tells of gods who came to Earth and created man and woman. The book of Genesis has a basis founded on the Sumerian tablets. As with most things, the books of the Bible underwent many translations and changes. Zechariah Sitchin is a noted authority on the Sumerian tablets and his Earth Chronicles are worth perusing. Perhaps in the many translations the word God got switched from us and our to I.

One example of this is the word Lucifer. From what I can ascertain, Christian beliefs hold that Lucifer was a fallen angel and have given this angel the name of Lucifer. However, if one becomes a sleuth and researches, one would learn that the first mention of Lucifer is in the book of Isaiah 14:12. From a scholar at the library of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, the original Hebrew text has no mention of a fallen angel. What it mentions is a reference to a fallen Babylonian king, who in his lifetime persecuted the children of Israel either by name or reference.

So where did the Christians get the idea that Lucifer was a fallen angel and thus Satan? The same Hebrew scholar speculated that perhaps early Christian scribes who were writing in Latin, which was used by the Church, made a decision on their own that they wanted the story to be about a fallen angel and gave the angel the name “Lucifer.” Interesting speculation and I wonder what else was changed by the early scribes who were also the monks. There have been numerous translations and with the early scribes having no computer or typewriter, they had to do it by hand. It is a probability that not all the handwriting was always legible.

It is also written that the theologians authorized by King James I to translate the Bible into English did not use the original Hebrew texts. They used versions translated by St. Jerome in the fourth century. What I have concluded is to be careful in attributing anything in the Bible as being absolute.

Therefore, it concerns me the idea of Intelligent Design if it is promoted by the mainstream Christians and their one God theory – meaning the Christian God. I am inclined to agree with
the interpretation that creation came from an intelligent being or alien beings. It would stand to reason that the Sumerian tablets are correct, meaning that a group of alien beings named the Elohim, Annunaki or Nephilim came to this Earth in space ships. According to Sumerian translations, it was a female scientist who genetically engineered the Earth human with the Annunaki who already knew they were gods. Thus, came the human being as it is today. One might call it genetic engineering. I would say that is ID and it is also evolution because the species of the humans did evolve into what we are today.

The idea of Christianized ID means including a devil or Satan and that brings to mind, how could there be one God if there is a Satan or a devil? The Christian emphasis on Satan gives this entity equal power over the one God it would seem. Or, could it be that the Christians have two Gods?
It is convenient to have a scapegoat to blame anything that one doesn’t like on a devil or a Satan. It is very convenient to have a scapegoat to blame on one’s misdoings and it alleviates guilt. It means no one has to take responsibility.

I can’t say I have resolved anything about the issued of ID versus evolution, but if what I have written causes some people to wonder, perhaps it has been worth it all. Yes, both evolution and Intelligent Design should be taught, but taught from an open-minded view. Will the teachers have an open mind, or will they have their own biases? It really is something to think about and research before giving an endorsement to either Evolution or ID.