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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Bettye Johnson ©

Once upon a time in the past I would look here and I would look there for freedom. I thought something or someone was always placing blocks in my way and freedom appeared to be pushed away from me. Over the years I have learned much about myself and especially since I became a student of Ramtha, teacher of RSE, an academy of mind and Gnostic teachings.

For a number of years I worked to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified and it failed by only the failure of getting several more states to ratify it. I realized that it wasn’t only the men who did not want it passed – women did too. The women were afraid of change. They chose to remain in their status quo of the uncomfort zone.

There has been a plethora of bumper stickers on vehicles that say, “Freedom is not free.” The bumper stickers state a truth. Freedom has a cost to it and the freedom I am writing about is not about a war although on a deeper level it is part of the cost.

So many of us live in a mental house imprisoned by our emotions of the past as well as the programming we have received from our parents, peers, religion, government, entertainment media and corporate world. We have developed a program that plays over and over in our mind. The cost is giving up the old program.

Change is a fearsome word to most people. I/we have blamed our government for most of our woes. The changes that came were not what I/we wanted. However, it was fodder to complain and denounce. There have been some brave souls who did speak out. One group that comes to mind is those warriors of the sixties. Another is Martin Luther King. I honor them.

What I have learned is that I cannot participate in politics as I use to. It doesn’t mean I can’t work for issues. However, if all is a creation of god, then there must be a middle place where there is no good or bad. As I look at the issues of the world, I am now choosing to support those that I want to include in my reality. I am choosing to say to myself, I don’t accept that if it doesn’t fit into the reality of my choice.

I/we each have the power to influence the world. I/we each have the power to change our weather. I/we each have the power to change our health from illness to wellness. I/we each have the power to move from lack to abundance and wealth. One has only to look at a small child learning to ride a bicycle. The child would never learn if it gave up. I have learned that perseverance pays off instead of giving up and saying ‘it doesn’t work.

How do we create all of these changes? We change the programs in our brains. We become aware of our thoughts and our words. We seek knowledge. We seek truth. We no longer play over and over the mental tape of bigotry, prejudice and hatred.

There are some major issues at this time on our planet. We have 9/11, the war in Iraq, the polar shift, Planet X, oil, the environment and earth changes. For many this is very fearful. I am choosing not to give power to fear. Job is purportedly to have said, The thing I fear the most has come upon me. Therefore I am choosing not to give power to fear. By being aware of my thoughts and emotions, I change my mind all the time.

Letting go of the power of fear gives me the inner freedom that I have sought all my life. Freedom is an inside job and that is the key.