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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Awakening the Genie Within

The book, she is here! The Journey - a partial memoir and self-help for those who read it. In my book I share my awakening to the grander mind of me and anyone can access their grander mind. That is what the Journey of Life is all about.

We are suppose to explore life and create new avenues of expression. I have seen so many people glued to the past. It's almost as if they are in a moving vehicle with their face stuck to the rear window. Life is for living. It is not about dying. Life is not about going to a nursing home.

I like the cartoon of the woman sliding with a bottle of wine in one hand and chocolate in the other. We - as a collective - have been programmed into believing that this is good for you and this is bad for your. If one understands the quantum field, then it becomes obvious that it is only done unto you as your believe.
As I write this, the book is not posted to BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com. It takes approximately 8 weeks for it to make its way on-line. In the meantime, you are welcome to purchase it from my website: www.magdalenescrolls.com.
Enjoy and leave your comments. Bettye