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Monday, May 26, 2008


Memorial Day in the U.S. was one where many paid homage to the men and women who died while in service to their country. Perhaps across the world there were other countries who are also mourning their fallen military, and I have often wondered why we have war. I recently re-read William Bramley's book, The Gods of Eden. I had the privilege of hearing the author speak in the early 1990's.

Bramley at that time was a research lawyer and he shared that as a boy around eight he played war with his playmates. It was exciting and fun. One day he saw a photo of the prisoners of Dachau who had been released at the end of WWII. He was shocked by their skeleton look. This was the beginning to find out why there is war in the world and it led him to other discoveries.
During his talk, Bramley told the audience that he had found his knowledge in public libraries and it was there for everyone to read. This surprised me and this could have been a seed of the beginning of my love for research and history. What I found from my research reinforces Bramley's research. I recommend his book for those who are interested.

In this article, I am taking a different approach to the same subject: why war. It seems to me incongruous that with the information and technology, we have today that few people realize that what occupies our bodies comes from the same source—meaning each spirit that inhabits the body is from only one source and the source is neither male nor female. The source of all life can be found in quantum physics and has nothing to do with religion.

In the beginning, the physical body was created to house a spirit, which would have an opportunity to explore and evolve in the physical world; borders were placed in the brain with limited thinking. It is up to each spirit occupying a body to break though the borders of the mind. The first border to break through is that of religion. Religion sets apart those who believe in a particular form of religion from another. By studying history, one can see that most of the wars have been religious wars.

Others wars have been for power and expansion of territories. It is there in the history books. War is promoted by sports. In sports, there are the two teams who 'battle' to see who is the winner. Sports rev up the adrenalin in those viewing and there is cheering for whatever team one is for. This is reminiscent of the gladiators fighting in the Roman forums. When the Christians were thrown to the lions, the Romans became bloodthirsty and roared with approval.
Humanity has been fed to the lions of power. The approval of war has been passed down through generations and now it is genetically accepted by most of the world's population. This is a border of the mind that must be passed through in order to evolve the spirit within.

Borders of the mind that must be dissolved are prejudices, which pit one nationality against another—one skin color against another. Another border to be dissolved goes hand-in-hand with prejudice and that is discrimination. The U.S. is still subtly holding on to racial discrimination even though the black population legally is freed from segregation and discrimination. This also goes for those from Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico. It is ludicrous that a border wall is being built between the U.S. and Mexico. Is this to keep us in, or to keep others out? This is a form of war fed by propaganda and fear.

War breeds fear. War also keeps women in submission because the history of war shows that one of the spoils of war is for the conquering army to rape women and in ancient times to carry them off to be slaves. Women and children are the victims of war and have no voice.
In breaking through the borders of the mind, one can see all of humanity as a brilliant quilt made up of the many facets of the Source. It is up to each individual to choose whether to participate in war or not. There are those who will not because the most challenging borders to break through are the borders of fear and doubt.

Fear and doubt are partners and keep people from breaking through the borders of the mind. They are lost in conformity, ridicule, being different, becoming an outcaste in the tribe and other attributes; therefore suppressing their desire for change.

One only has to view the wars going on across the world objectively and observe the motives for war. This means to break through the borders of propaganda and see each war for what it really is—power with its offshoots of religion, greed and control. One only has to go to VA hospitals and visit the wounded, or read about the walking wounded and the suicides that are escalating. We only have to ask ourselves, is war worth this? It is time for each of us to break through the borders of our mind and create a new future.