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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting People

Today the thought came to me regardng the difference between interesting people and fascinating people. I checked my trusty dictionary and learned that primarily mean the same though there are slight differences. The word interesting is defined as holding attention, while fascinating is defined as holding attention, plus possessing the power to charm or allure. Hmmm. Almost the same, but not quite the same.

An interesting person is one who is not a whiner, blamer or a victim. There is nothing of interest there. A truly interesting person is a doer--always seeking and this could mean a variety of things. An interesting person is one who when they talk has something worth listening to. My interest is held by what is being spoken to me.

I meet a lot of interesting people. There are many interesting people all over the world. All we have to do is shut up and listen. If their conversation is mundane, then I tune them out. There is nothing to exchange here. To me it means they are just treading life. Sometimes it seems to me as if there is no one home behind those eyes. An interesting person's eyes is alive and they enjoy new experiences and perhaps new adventures.

There are many interesting people who are the quiet ones and perhaps these are the ones who have the most interesting things to say. There are many people who quietly live interesting lives and if you want to find these people, it is well worth your effort to ask a few interesting questions of your own. Who knows, you might find them fascinating.