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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 7:27 AM
Awakening the Genie Within .: BookPleasures.com
Author: Bettye Johnson
Publisher: Living Free Press
ISBN: 978-0-9650454-4-5

In her preface, Bettye Johnson explains her concept of the fairy-tale Aladdin’s Lamp and the Genie inside it. She informs us of its hidden meaning in that all of us have a genie living in our brain. Aladdin rubbed his lamp to activate the genie but we don’t even need to do that in order to release our genius. The word genie means, spirit within and this is derived from the word genius that means having a guardian spirit or a person of natural intelligence or talent. Bettye then goes on to say she will share her own knowledge and experience along with the tools that have helped her. It is to be a journey of discovery.

I immediately thought, oh dear, another of those self- enlightenment books and wondered if this would be any different to the others. In my experience, and I’ve read quite a few, they all tend to use similar jargon and theories. It would be gratifying to discover someone who has a fresh outlook with original ideas. So I read on in hope. Then I read Bettye’s poem, The Awakening and I loved it and really identified with it- Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I await a reply. These are some lines taken from the poem.

The author’s quest for a meaning in her life began with a “prickle” in her forties and her superficial relationship with her husband ended when he asked her for a divorce. She didn’t look back. She informs us how we play many roles in our lives and that we all have choices. She discusses perseverance and how she chooses not to give into fear. She changes her mind all the time, moment –by- moment, letting go of the power of fear gives us inner freedom and has to be achieved. I was enjoying this but then I read the chapter where Bettye tells of writing letters to God or whatever else you want to call it, I was turned off somewhat. As she herself says, “what is reality? What is illusion?”

I continued reading and discovered that we use less than ten percent of our brain. I was a bit disturbed to read about the experiment of a lie detector being attached to a plant which showed that when the leaf was burnt the detector showed human reactions!
Bettye quotes extensively from Ramtha which she has studied for years and follows its teachings, many of which she discusses in this book. I also gathered if we change our beliefs and open our minds we are activating our own genie within.

In this quantum world I learned that all things are possible, e.g. quelling a storm. I haven’t tried this yet but feel inspired to try. Read and be amazed.

There is a very interesting chapter on the true meaning of words. Did you know that nice means foolish, stupid, senseless? This is fascinating stuff.

I was startled when I read about the out of body experience where the hospital for damaged souls in the after-life is called Infrared. Come on now, Infrared, I really do wonder!
However, Bettye has compiled an impressive book of her experiences and thoughts that I’m sure will certainly enhance our own lives if we put them into action.

Thought provoking, not the usual hype and I did find some of her ideas fresh and original. Read it for yourself especially if you are looking to change your life.

The above review was contributed by: Jessica Roberts: Jessica is a book reviewer for a local newspaper and has reviewed for a national women's magazine too. She has had various articles published in magazines and has now completed her novel. Jessica currently lives in West Yorkshire (UK) and enjoys walking in the dales and woodlands as part of her hobby as well as, of course, reviewing books.

Awakening the Genie Within Amazon.com Review

Has some good tips, September 17, 2008 By drebbles (Arlington, MA USA) - See all my reviews

Bettye Johnson has led an interesting life. Born in Dallas, Texas in 1929, she grew up during the Great Depression. Throughout her life she has held a wide variety of jobs including picking cotton as a child, working in Paris and Tokyo for the U.S. State Department, a Federal Women's Program Coordinator, a holistic health center program director, and a non-denominational minister. She was the wife of a career military man and is the mother of three sons. In 2001 she became an author. "Awakening the Genie Within" is the story of how she was able to accomplish so many life changes.

"Awakening the Genie Within" is part autobiography and part inspirational thinking. Johnson's life has indeed been fascinating and I hope she eventually writes a full-fledged autobiography (I'd love to hear more about her second husband). Johnson is a student of Ramtha and his School of Enlightenment, which guides the inspirational part of the book. Whether or not you are open to Ramtha, there are several useful ideas in the book. Johnson advises that people open up the unused parts of their brains and gives several examples as to how to do it. She has several useful tips such as the seven P's (stages) of questing; how to inventory yourself; how to break out of mental cages ("I can't", "it isn't possible", etc.); keys to change; the power of imagination; self-healing; rules for living joyfully; and much more. While those were all useful tips, the one thing I really took from the book is the need to get rid of "stinking thinking" - something I have to work really hard to do.

"Awakening the Genie Within" is an inspirational book from a remarkable woman.