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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Mother To Honor - The Original

Bettye Johnson ©

With the approaching Mothers Day celebration, many people have mixed emotions about their mother. Some have a loving relationship while others have a somewhat different one. By the very fact that we are living and were given birth is enough cause to honor our mother. Because of her we are here.

In researching ancient history, there is a Mother that I want to write about. This Mothers’ Day should be a tribute to her. This information comes from ancient Sumerian tablets, which pre-date the Old Testament. There are parallels in the Bible to the Sumerian literature and whether one wants to call it myth or whatever, there is some basis for truth here. There is always truth in all myths.

Most of us are familiar with the Garden of Eden story, however there is a much more interesting history regarding this Eden that tells of the creation of Adam and Eve. Down through the ages the Bible became, as so many ancient stories, distorted.

One of the authorities is Zechariah Sitchen, author of The Twelfth Planet, the first book in his Earth Chronicle series. (For more background on Sitchen, you can visit his website: http://www.sitchin.com/). I was privileged to hear Sitchen speak in the early nineties and from this came a passion to know more and to research – which I have.

Approximately 450,000 years ago this planet was inhabited with ape-like beings. In condensing this information, I will say that other beings from another planet came here looking for gold to seed their atmosphere. Earth was evolving at a slower rate of frequency than the new beings were. They were very evolved in technology and began mining for gold and primarily in Africa. One Earth year was equal to 3600 of theirs. After thousands of their years, these beings called the Annunaki grew tired of laboring and demanded that some other workers be found. Some call these the ‘fallen ones’ or the Nephilim and this is taken out of context, because they did land here in their space ships. This is alluded to in the Book of Ezekiel.

The home planet of the Annunaki was called Nibiru and the ruler of it was named Anu. Anu had sent his 2 sons, half-brothers to Earth. One was called Enlil, lord of the air and the second Enki, lord of the water and earth. There was a third offspring of Anu, a half-sister to Enki and Enlil named Ninhursag. Ninhursag was a scientist – a geneticist. She established a laboratory in Africa, which we call the Garden of Eden.

From her laboratory that became laboratories as others were established all over the Earth, she developed the human brain and the human body as it is today developing the DNA and genes. Some people have been horrified to think of ‘aliens’ making the human body, however the intelligence that inhabited the body was from the Divine source. Ninhursag, together with Enki used the egg from the ‘daughters of man’ with the sperm of the Annunaki and vice versa to create this hybrid.

Ninhursag has become a myth and her many names are Mother of Gods, Fashioner of All, Mother of Children, Creatrix, Lady Birth, Mama, Mammu and Mammy. There is a Temple that was built for her near Tell Hairiri in Syria near the Iraquian border, the land of ancient Sumer.

The myth of Ninhursag evolved into that of Isis. Isis is the Greek name for this Egyptian goddess. The Egyptian name is Jst and pronounced ee-set. Isis has become a feminine archetype for creation and is also known as the goddess of fertility and motherhood, female creator, Mother of the Gods and her Latin name is Stella Maris. Her origin is unknown, however it is quite evident she evolved from Ninhursag.

My understanding is that every so many eons, a new Isis comes forth and around 2000 years ago, one did and her name is Mary Magdalene. When the Knights Templar went to Palestine on their Crusades, it is evident they found something more precious than gold and that was the true history of Mary Magdalene and that is why she was venerated by them. The magnificent gothic cathedrals in France were dedicated to her and the Black Madonna established in these cathedrals and spread to smaller churches. The symbology in Chartres Cathedral and others is their code of what they knew.

Therefore, I honor the original ‘Mammy’, the Mother God of all and her greatnesshas been handed down through the ages by way of Isis and Mary Magdalene andothers. I honor the resurrection of the feminine power. Please join me.