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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For many years I have been urged to study nature and it will tell you its secrets. It was only yesterday that I FINALLY got the message. Some people are faster than others. The main thing is that I finally understood it in a broader sense. I already knew about the caterpiller turning into a butterfly and I understood about the ants storing up for the winter and how it can apply to we humans. It wasn't until I heard my teacher Ramtha describe nature using a potted hyacinth plant as the teaching example that it came to me.

The soil of the Earth is the mind of the Earth. This beautiful soil has many different colors. In some areas it is red and in others it is black, shades of brown, yellow, and almost white. When I thought of this, I realized the connection with the various races on this Earth. We have people with what is called red skin, others with yellow skin, black skin, brown skin and the lighter skin that is called white. The Earth is our reflection. Therefore, why should we harbor prejudice against people because of the color of their skin? Why should one religion hate and discriminate against another religion?

The Earth was made from the Mind of God and that same mind is in each one of us. I think the Bible has a verse that tells us we were made from the clay of the earth. We are each aspects of the One Mind and we each have our very own individual place in the scheme of things. A dandelion can never be a rose--nor can a rose be a lily. Each of us with our uniqueness adds to the fabric of life that makes up the Mind of God.

Therefore when we think we do not measure up or that we have no worth, we should look at nature and realize that everything has its own place in the sun. When we finally realize that we are all connected, we can begin to appreciate who we are and think of the soils of the Earth as reflections of us.