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Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's November and the geese began returning a few weeks ago. I knew this was the heralding of colder weather. This is the latest I can remember since I moved to Washington state 20-odd years ago. I remember the first time I heard their honking and I looked up to see a large flock of Canadian geese flying in a V-formation. Something touched my soul when I first heard the sound of the flying geese. Was it a memory of a lifetime I no longer remember? I only know I felt a thrill everytime they flew over. It didn't matter what I was in the midst of--I would stop and listen and watch them. I still feel the thrill whenever I hear them and stop to watch them.
I learned that when the lead goose became tired that it would drop back and allow another to takes its place.

Usually they began returning in September. Within the past 5 years, it seems their
arrival was later and not as many flocks as I recall. I wonder if the melting of glaciers in the Artic is a reason for fewer flocks each spring and fall. Some say that due to our milder winters that they have no need to return to their normal habitat in the far north. I wonder about this because I rarely see these geese on
ponds or small lakes in my area.

Regardless of the sparsity of their flocks, I knew this month that colder weather was on its way. Sure enough, I woke up this morning to 25 degree weather. I was warm and toasty in my small home with its wood stove. I have great insulation so it wasn't freezing inside and it didn't take long before the roaring fire was ablaze. I looked out as I watched the sun rise and noted the sparkling frost covering the land, trees and the driveway.

As the sun climbed higher in the blue sky and the temperature began rising to 28 and then up to 34 degrees, I noted the frost becoming vaporized and rising into the air to disappear. I wondered about the ascension of the frost and thought of humans. I understand that it is possible although most people do not think so. We humans really have no comprehension of our ability to accomplish many things. We become
mind-locked into beliefs, superstitution and accepting what we have been told and not attempting to experience other potentials. We think it is cool to read books such as the Harry Potter series, the Philip Pullman series such as The Golden Compass and even Charles Strosse's The Family Trade series.

Too often, the majority of humans believe that death is inevitable and that one must believe everything a doctor tells them. Isn't it time we begin to ponder the grand potentials that await us? Isn't it a possibility that we can open the lock of our mind? It is exciting to think about.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Light In The World

There are many in this world who are making a difference in other people's lives and I want to single out one woman who has changed the life of a Down's Syndrome young man. Her name is Marian Lancaster and she lives in the Pacific Northwest. Marian is a teacher and an improvisional dancer.

The young man's name is Dylan Kuehl. I attended a program at our local library where Marian and Dylan spoke and danced. Dylan's mother also shared a portion of his story. Dylan was born with Down's Syndrome and as a small boy he was severely abused. At age 9 his anger began surfacing and his behavior in the school he was attending was not the best. By the time he was 11, his mother, afraid for her life, was considering placing him in a residential institution. Fate stepped in and Dylan was assigned to Marian Lancaster. She recognized his anger and began teaching him improvisational dancing as well as art and this opened up a new world for Dylan. She
also taught him how to create a dream map and this young man is now manifestng his dreams and creating more.

Dylan is outgoing and loves to interact with people. He has become a motivational speaker, a dancer, artist, drummer and martial artist. Recently he has created his own dance company. His poem "Faces" received an International Society Poetry Award 2006 and his painting "Colored Hill" an Art Ability International Award 2006.

Thank you Marian for your wonderful work! You are indeed an inspiration. If you want to know more about her work, S.O.A.R. Special Opportunities in Arts and
Recreation you can email her at goldnbludancer@yahoo.com.
Or, write her at P.O. Box 21, Rainier, WA 98576.

Dylan has his own website http://www.dylankarts.com. He offers commissioned art, prints, calendars, postcards, bookmarks and greeting cards plus more.