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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Bettye Johnson©

History indicates that the world has always been in turmoil and this plane is known as the Plane of Opposites. We have up/down, tall/short, good/bad, war/peace, and female/male to name a few. Presently we have Mother Earth in rebellion from the misuse of the Earth such as over-using oil and depleting her resoures, which are her lifeblood. The world consciousness has long promoted war, violence, pestilence and plagues. Yes, there have been golden threads that have lived to remind we humans that we are much more, however those in power always attempt to eradicate them in the name of power and greed. We still have that mentality in control of this planet and Mother Earth is suffering. Fortunately many of the organizations established by these golden threads became invisible and thus the word occult, meaning hidden was born and knowledge has been carried forward.

A statement attributed to Sai Baba: If it were not for the mind change of the devotees of God, the world would be in chaos. This statement is one I take issue with because chaos is necessary for evolution and it indicates his lack of knowledge of quantum physics. I also wonder which or whose god he is talking about. Is it the Hindu god, the Christian god, the Muslim god, or Buddha? We each have a direct connection to the Creator in whatever form we want to place it in. Each human has her or his beginnings in the One Creator.

If one were to study quantum physics, one would know that chaos is necessary to bring forth creation. As an example, a woman giving birth has labor pains because she is bringing forth creation. As a rule, all artists and gifted people create from the chaos in their life. I am reminded of a friend of mine who has said that when things get chaotic it is as if God were stirring up everything with an eggbeater. An example is when the car breaks down, the appliances go out and things seem to be falling apart all at the same time. By having a simple understanding of the quantum world, it is nothing more than the atoms and particles re-arranging to bring forth a greater potential.

If each of us looks back on our own life and our own awakening, we can see that we came through many experiences of adversity. Those adversities were similar to labor pains. We had to experience them in order to awaken to the wisdom waiting for our acceptance. We also have choices. We can either look for the wisdom, or we can choose to stay in misery.

A great book I am reading is Seven Life Lessons of CHAOS: Spiritual Wisdom From the Science of Change, by John Briggs and F. David Peat. I found the following from the book most profound. In each moment we have the opportunity to die psychologically by letting go of prejudices, mechanical habits, isolation, precious ego, images of self and world, and conceptions of the past and the future. In this way we set in motion the possibility of a creative, self-organizing perception that puts us in touch with the magic that gave us birth.

We, as awakening women and men, have the opportunity to assist Mother Earth and others in their awakening. It is only the women and men who have gone through adversities and are ready to step over the threshold of awakening that we can truly help, each in our own way because the door to awakening has to be opened from within each individual.

All over the world there is chaos in the forms of war, pestilence, plagues, the continued suppression of women, and Earth changes bringing upheaval in the lives of many. At times it may seem that we are riding a wild horse. We can either fall prey to this or we can become the eye in the center of the storm.

The world is going through birthing pains of bringing forth an evolved consciousness and so is Mother Earth. . We can choose to revert to fear and experience a ‘miscarriage,’ or we can choose to continue onward regardless of what is happening in the world. Those of us living on this Earth are living on the Plane of Opposites. When the relationship of female/male became unbalanced, the world became one of turmoil. By claiming our personal power, we contribute to the balancing of female/male. The use of the word negative as applied to the female is total ignorance and the fruit of this is suppression and prejudice. On this plane it takes both the negative and the male to bring forth creation. One is not superior to the other.

We have a magnificent opportunity to assist this planet by each of us becoming good stewards and becoming champions of Mother Earth. It is up to each of us who are awakening to teach our children and those with an open mind. It is time to put away those things that no longer serve us such as anger, guilt, greed, jealousy, prejudice, hatred and many other non-serving attitudes.

As long as we live on the Plane of Opposites, there will be chaos. It is to our benefit to embrace it and see the wisdom that is in it. A great example is the hurricane. Within its center is the eye of the storm – a calm or stillness. We are here to create – not make war - not to perpetuate discrimination and prejudice. From the Seven Lessons of Chaos there is another beautiful quote: Every single morning we also have the choice to be open to the creativity of chaos, open to the world around us, open to the possibility that we can make our lives afresh, like the baker’s bread.