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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

City of Secrets and Rennes-le-Chateau

City of Secrets and Rennes-le-Chateau

Having read numerous books and articles on Rennes-Le-Chateau and having visited it, I was pleasantly surprised when I read Patrice Chaplin's book "City of Secrets." In 1955 at age 15, Chaplin along with a girl friend decided to be 'bohemian,' and set out from England to the continent with little or no money. The two girls hitchhiked to Girona, Spain where a fascinating journey began for her. She met a man named Jose and their relationship began. It began as an on and an off again romance over the years with Chaplin marrying, having children and becoming first an actress and then an author. She always returned from time to time to Girona and Jose.

Her fascinating memoir tells of Jose, a Jew and through him, she learned the history of the Jews in Girona and the secret Cabbala society. Through Jose and the people she came to know, she was brought into the fringes of this secret group. From these people, she learned about the visits of Berenger Saunière the priest of the Church of Mary Magdalene in Rennes-le-Chateau. This was the first I had heard regarding the Spanish connection.

Girona has an interesting history of the Romans, Visigoths, Charlemagne, and the Jews who arrived in the 12th century where they established one of the most flourishing Cabbalistic (or Kabbala) schools in Europe. According to Jose, "The Jewish mystics in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries were born here….the secret teaching involving Jewish mysticism and theosophy." His dream was to build a Jewish site as a center of Cabbala.

In reconstructing what I learned from City of Secrets, the French Abbé Bigou, mentioned in many books and articles, came to Girona during the period of the French Revolution. Many priests had to go into exile and he was one. His background is that he was the priest for Rennes-le-Chateau in 1774 and became aligned with the village nobility – the Hautpouls. The Hautpoul Chateau was "filled with esoteric symbols, which were long-standing ties to esoteric traditions and also perpetuating secret ancient knowledge." Bigou became immersed with this. When Marie Hautpoul died, Bigou was entrusted with family secrets that included great wealth, and in all probability brought it with him to Girona.

Chaplin overheard someone asking Jose about Maria Tourdes and Saunière. She wanted to know more. Throughout her memoir, Chaplin gained more information each time she returned to Girona and this includes notes, letters, old postcards and photos that back up what she writes about in her book.

Chaplin writes, "In 1891, while removing the altar stone as it was claimed by his verger, Antoine Captier, Saunière discovered four scrolls in hollow Visigoth altar columns. These were the parchments hidden by Abbé Bigou. There were two coded messages: 'Shepherdess no temptation. That Poussin Teniers hold the key. Pax 681. By the cross and this horse of God, I complete this demon of the guardian at noon. Blue apples', and 'To Dagobert II, king, and to Sion belongs this treasure and he is there dead.' and this brought Saunière to Girona.

Chaplin writes of a French woman named Maria Tourdes who was deeply connected with the secret Cabbala group. She had a house very close to the Catholic Cathedral and on the property was a Torre Magdala just like the one in Rennes-le Chateau. When Sauniere became involved with the Cabbala, he decided to build the exact replica in Rennes-le-Chateau.

He made numerous trips there and had a possible love relationship with Maria Tourdes. Chaplin indicates that Saunière participated in the Cabbala rites and he had money. Maria Tourdes' home had many guests from France including Emma Calve.

Saunière came to Girona often and after becoming part of the Cabbala group, he made a decision to build his own Tour Magdala at Rennes-le-Chateau. Why? It connected a ley line with portals and it was believed that it was possible to move into other dimensions. However, in order to do this there was a special preparation. Chaplin writes, "What is the Grail?" and she goes on to write, "It was present in many traditions since the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It contained white powder of high-spun gold and platinum metals. Its power was used in the worship of Isis, the goddess from antiquity."

The Cabbalists of Girona learned about the Grail properties and she goes to write, "…it being made of the most remarkable physical matter in the universe. It was purported to give powers beyond human reach including physical longevity, immortality, invisibility. Who holds this, holds the world. It has power of projection and takes the bearer out of time. It produces levitation. Objects move out of the dimensions as we know them and reappear elsewhere. They've not disappeared. They've just traveled beyond our sight and come back. He mentioned transmutation, teleportation. It is a gift from paradise, known since the beginning of time."

True Cabbalists must undergo certain rituals before this is accomplished and Saunière wanted to learn this. As to where he got his money, it could have been from Visigoths treasure, the Knights Templar or other sources such as the Hapsburgs.

In the midst of all of this, Chaplin writes that Mount Canigou meant something to Jose and his group. Mount Canigou is on the French side of the Pyrenees. I researched this and discovered this piece of information from the web site of Dan Winter.

"The concept of GRAIL is the plasma symmetry necessary to generate implosive acceleration from compression (fractal / phase conjugate) applying both to blood ignited with bliss, and landscape geomagnetic- like the pine cone shape of Canigou- at the phase conjugate point between the two Magdalene (twin) towers. The concept of PORTAL is the magnetic acceleration you can experience in your aura - for lucid dreaming / shamanic navigating and death projection of plasma- IF the ambient magnetics are fractal / phase conjugate. The Quaballah school is functionally about understanding the sequence of plasma residues / magnetic domains (alphabet letters) whose charge symmetry can produce that implosive 'flame' (in the 'mind')" The pine cone mentioned by Winter is a symbol for the pineal gland in the brain.

When Maria Tourdes died in Paris her Girona house was taken over by the Girona municipality and they tore her house down along with the Torre Magdala. Patrice Chaplin has old photos of this along with letters and documents regarding the association of Saunière and Tourdes with his participation in the Grail rites.

A few years ago I was contacted by the filmmakers, Rene Barnett and Bruce Burgess of the documentary "Bloodline." They had read my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and at the time, I was doing a Blog Talk Radio Show. I interviewed them and from this, Bruce Burgess and his associate Rene Barnett brought the film to Yelm, Washington in 2008 and where I watched the film.

Burgess had made a connection with Ben Hammott, an Englishman whose passion was to find the treasure of Rennes le Chateau. What he found was a hidden tomb with a body covered with a shroud that had the symbol of the Knights Templar on it. The treasure may be something different such as the tomb of a body covered with a white cloth with the emblem of the Templars on it. Hammott has a web page with recent updates. The French law for such finds could possibly give the rights to the government. A copy of the law is posted on his website. Will we ever learn who the body under the shroud is? Could it be Mary Magdalene?

I am digressing a bit from the City of Secrets, however I consider this pertinent as there is background for Languedoc and Rennes le Chateau. In 2001, I went to France and Spain. I traveled mostly in the Languedoc region and the area in the northeastern part of Spain. My companion and I rented a car and after visiting Rennes le Chateau, drove around the area. In almost all the churches there were Black Madonnas with the most beautiful one in the Chartres Cathedral. I also noted that many of the churches were dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Somewhere, Jesus was left out except to portray him on the cross.

When I researched information for my book on Mary Magdalene, I delved into the Black Madonnas. The Black Madonnas in all probability were created in honor of Isis who in Egyptian lore is the goddess of women and of magic. Mary Magdalene's history in the Bible is scant. In my research, I found it was possible that she was black, as were most of the people in Egypt and in Palestine. There is also the possibility that she and Jesus were students and graduates of the Schools of Mysteries that were dotted up and down the Nile River, perhaps as seven temples with each representing the seven seals or chakras in the human body.

It is written that Mary Magdalene came from Magdala in Palestine. There is no proof Mary Magdalene coming from Magdala in Palestine, however there is a village in Ethiopia that was known as Magdala. From Wikipedia:

"Amba Mariam is a village in central Ethiopia. It was known as Magdala or Meqdela (መቅደላ meḳdelā) during the reign of Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia. Located in the Debub Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region,"

One of the most surprising diagrams in this book is one of the Cabbala "Tree of Life." Chaplin found this in Jose's room with markings and writings. On the right side of the diagram was:
"S – Seth with a triad and the apex pointed down. There are two lines
that go through the base.
I - Isis and to the side a triad.
O – Osiris with a triad about one-third down from the apex.
N – Nephytys' with an upside down triad.
On the right side 2+3 = YHVH – ALHYM ~ OSIRIS (y) connects w/ A/A Metatron."

Who or what is Metatron? In researching this, I found the following:
"Metatron is the highest of the Archangels and he has two very important functions. Megaton's first function is that he sits at the base of the Tree Of Life and Archangel Sandalphon sits at the top. His second function is that he is the voice of God or Source. He is responsible for how we interpret Sources Life Energy or Seed of God. I believe all Life flows from God or Source through Archangel Sandalphon down through the Tree Of Life through Archangel Metatron and then to us as New Life or Expansion. This Seed of expansion may very well be This God Particle that people are talking about."

Now we know the symbols of Sion – the Priory of Sion. This indicates the Priory of Sion has a deep connection to the Cabbala. Who rules the world? Who rules the banks? The mystery deepens and we still have not discovered the source of the great wealth of the French priest Sauniere. This is something like Ariadne's Web.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



The rituals of Easter have an ancient history. The name originated from so-named Pagans who honored the goddess Eostre, also named Eastre representing the fertility of the earth. The celebrations came after the vernal (spring) equinox. The ancient word for spring is "eastre." The feminie principle was celebrated at this time in many areas such as Hathor in Egypt, Astarte from ancient Greece, Ashtoreth in ancient Israel and as far away as Kali in India. It was the time of planting seeds into the earth to be nurtured until the seedlings broke through to thrive.

The Easter egg represents fertility and rebirth such as the time to plant. The rabbit signifies multiple births connected to fertility. The Pagans were close to the land and revered it in many ways. Getting back to the egg, it is not known exactly when the decorating of the eggs began, however in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and Persia eggs were known to be dyed different colors. Perhaps the colorful eggs represented the many hues of spring flowers and plants.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, there is a legend that after the death of Jesus that Mary Magdalene was invited to a banquet given by the Emperor Tibirus and as one legend states, she told the Emperor that Jesus had risen and was alive. He scoffed and picked up an egg from a bowl on the banquet table and handed it to her saying, "If you can turn this egg red, then I will believe you." She took the egg and when she opened her hand, the egg was red. This legend is on YouTube with minor alterations.

The Legend of Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=telkYJWElcg

After Christianity began spreading, there was fear that the Pagans would not accept their beliefs. Therefore, the fathers of Christianity incorporated the crucifixion and re-birth with the Pagan celebration. In fact, Christianity adopted almost all the Pagan celebrations including Christmas – or Yuletide. That is another story.

There is no actual date for the crucifixion of Jesus as being always on a Friday just as there is no known date of his crucifixion or the actual birth of Jesus. Therefore, I say let us celebrate Easter with colored eggs, chocolate rabbits as the rebirth of the land from winter into spring. Plant our gardens and enjoy the vegetables and the beautiful flowers. Spring may fade into summer, fall and winter; however, she will come again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Truth or Fiction?


History is really a fluid movement in time and it can be either truth or fiction according to how the writer perceives it to be. In writing my book, Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, I did extensive research and wrote the manuscript to the way I perceived that it could have been. There were times when I felt the book was writing itself.

I have been asked if these scrolls written by Mary Magdalene are true and will they be found. It is a possibility that I captured a period in time and that what I wrote is not only possible but perhaps a potential.

In my research, I found many diverse concepts regarding Mary Magdalene, Jesus and most of what is accepted is from Christian writers. Christianity did not come into being until the Emperor Constantine created a new religion when he called together a gathering of men at a series of meetings labeled the Council of Nicea in 323 A.D.
In addition, much of what is in the New Testament was written a hundred or more years after the event. It is unfortunate that people have been sold a bill of goods by the Church and no one really delves into the Egyptian side of events during this period of history.

Having been taught something about quantum physics, I also realize that the past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. How can that be? There are writers who have written fiction books and in their content, the characters move from the present to the past or perhaps to the future. This is usually labeled science fiction or something else.

The British BBC made a documentary on parallel universes with prestigious scientists. Segments of this documentary can be views on You Tube with the title being Parallel Universes.

Perhaps I tappedinto one. Are the scrolls real? It is a possibility. Will they ever be found? Again, it is a possibility. As a writer, I am also a messenger. If you have read Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, then you may want to re-read it with another point of view.

Friday, February 04, 2011



My Experience of Bettye's book, Awakening the Genie Within:

"This book is full of Gems of Wisdom, page after page. A resplendent legacy that will live on and on; a Gift for budding Masters of any age. Throughout the book, Bettye emanates her wisdom, charm and beauty. I wish she could have been my mother or grandmother to me in my life, the Wise God-In-Woman that would have made a great, great difference in my destiny-choices. Bettye, I want to recommend your book to many people because its wisdoms will always endure the test of time.

May I quote you to my niece and nephew, and everyone I know!...

"Freedom of the mind is a heady elixir." -- Bettye Johnson

Wohooooo! Please post this Dearie!

I love you very, very much

Carol Hathor

In Praise of the Magdalene Books


Last night, I finished reading Book Two of, "Mary Magdalene-Her Legacy." It is with sadness that I don't have a Book Three to start reading. (smiling)

Bettye, you have enriched my life with knowing that there is truth and knowledge in that all of us are unique "God Beings" capable of walking our paths in this lifetime with strength, courage and knowingness.

I was always aware that humankind was evolving into awareness that is most definitely needed during Mother Earth's cycle at this time, but after reading your eloquent words in the two Magdalene books, I am more certain than ever using our intuitiveness and blessings to all will take us to a more beautiful life of humankind upon Mother Earth. We are custodians of this lovely planet and must exhibit love, compassion, discernment and healing which are truly priceless.

I've read the Ramtha books but I must say, you're words in the Magdalene books truly moved me beyond words and into deeper feelings of Love for humankind. Thank you for your teachings.

Thank you so much for giving a deeper understanding of who we truly are as spiritual beings. You have given me the nudge, (smiling) to trust my intuition at all times because that is where truth resides.

You told me you have a "kernel" for Book Three. Well, I will help you by visualizing much success with Book Three and encourage that growing of the "kernel" to be a truly magnificent growth.

Your two books of the Magdalene will have permanent residence on my bedside table because I will read them over and over again. I honor you as a truly blessed God Being.
Jo Dean - Tasmania, Australia January 18, 2011

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Praise For Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls


Hi Bettye, I just finished Secrets.... and I absolutely LOVED IT. A friend loaned me hers but half way through it I knew I had to have my own, so I returned it to her and ordered my own :-).

I am 70 years old and have been on a Spiritual Quest since I was 16. I have facilitated The
Course In Miracles for 12 years and been a student of it for 26 years...still learning. I am also a Licensed Teacher from Unity and had my own church for many years.
I remember when I was 6 years old and a neighbor took me to a Baptist Church and someone said that I was born in sin...I thought, "No I was NOT". So I do believe I have been a student of Truth for many, many "where evers :-)". I am looking forward to reading Mary Magdalene and I will let you know what I think after that...I am sure we knew her, arEn't you??? - Patty Morales May 28, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Gordian Knot and Sacrifices


On the surface, it appears that most of the population will have to make a number of sacrifices. When one first looks at the word 'sacrifice,' alarm bells go off in the brain. When it does, fear is invited in. However, fear does not have to make its entrance. There are other sacrifices that one can make other than what most people will think are the obvious.

I surmise the majority will agree that they want health, wealth, happiness and security. Those are reasonable. In order to have these along with peace of mind, there are some sacrifices, which need to be made. It will make the year 2010 a greater year. By looking at my list, I will share some simple sacrifices. Not all sacrifices have to be horrendous.

Why not sacrifice watching television and read a good book – or better yet have an interesting conversation with one's spouse or someone else? Scientists have said that reading improves the brain as well as improving one's IQ. It boosts brainpower and this is particularly necessary in children. Studies of adverse effects of television are that it creates inactivity in both children and adults. There is a tendency to snack and it does not increase attention. There often is no interpersonal talk and children as well as adults are exposed to violence. This often creates insensitivity to violence and non-caring for the plight of others.
Another sacrifice one can make is to stop being a racist and a bigot if that is the source of your anger and victimization. It has been said that what we see in others is an aspect of us. Why not see another as a human being and begin practicing random acts of kindness. No one was made more special than another person. Ask yourself, "Am I only re-enacting the attitudes of my parents, my grandparents?" It is something to think about.

In the past few years there has been a number of 'road rage' incidents and why not sacrifice your anger by getting to the root cause? Perhaps the anger is a result of unresolved guilt. Guilt is a killer, so let's sacrifice guilt. Too many people take on a load of guilt. So, you made a mistake. Mistakes are only learning lessons and the key is to learn from it and then one does not have to repeat it. Another thing about guilt is that there are people and this includes family and friends who love to put a guilt trip on someone. I suggest you let it roll off of your mind just as water rolls off a duck. It really is their problem and not yours.

If your guilt is because you perhaps stole something, then rectify it if you can and also take a vow not to repeat it. Blame goes along with guilt. Why blame someone else for something that we should take responsibility for? When we want to blame others for our problems, we have just invited victim to join the crowd. Now we have a threesome. The key to doing away with the threesome is responsibility. However, few people want to take responsibility for their actions.

Since this is the third month of 2010, you can do what I did at the beginning of the year. I happen to have a wood stove and had a nice fire going. I made a list of what I wanted to give up for 2010 and then I fed each item into the fire and sacrificed it. Yes, I sacrificed unwanted and outdated attitudes and beliefs in order to make room for happiness, love, health and prosperity.

Love is a multi-faceted word with many interpretations. However, love is looking at another, seeing through their personality, and just loving them for all their shortcomings, their traits and attitudes. Love never has to be sacrificed. Instead of reacting, why not send them a shot of love such as a smile?

I received a poem that I will share with you now. It transcends all religions. The title of this is "The Gordian Knot." The title comes from when Alexander the Great came to a place he could not pass due to a Gordian Knot. He sliced it with his sword. This is only a fable that indicates that when we come to challenges, we slice it with our own invisible sword such as changing our attitudes.
Dear Creator, (or God)
Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life.
Remove the have nots, the can nots and the do nots that I have in my mind.
Erase the will nots, may nots, might nots that may find a home in my heart.
Release me from the could nots, would nots and should nots that obstruct my life.
And most of all, I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart and my life
All of the 'am nots' that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that
I am not good enough.
So be it. ~ Author Unknown

So what does one do during the period of cutting the 'nots'? Well, you are not bleeding and the first suggestion is to be aware when you use one of those 'nots.'
The healing balm is turning one's attention to what one truly wants. Make a list of what you want to come into your life and to experience. Read it, speak it often during the day, when you first wake up and the last thing before you retire at night. Imprint it in your brain. In addition to all the 'nots', cut the tie that
binds you to doubt and fear. It really is not positive thinking. This is what I call 'affirmative action.' Affirm over and over and over.

Friday, January 29, 2010


The latest news regarding the possibility of Leonardo da Vinci's remains are to be exhumed and the possibility of the famous painting Mona Lisa could be a self-portrait is not news to me. I find it most fascinating to read that some scholars are suggesting that da Vinci painted himself as a woman. They really have not quite verbalized that da Vinci could have been a woman. When I first published the first edition of Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls in 2004, I wrote of this and give Schwartz and Dr. Quested as my authority as a footnote on page 176.

The morphing of Leonardo to Mona Lisa began in 1987 by a computer expert who at that time was a consultant for At&T's Bell Laboratories. Using a computer, Lillian Schwartz split the faces of the Mona Lisa and Leonardo's self-portrait down the middle. Schwartz adjusted the sizes and juxtaposed them so that one side of Mona Lisa's face matched Leonardo's. Schwartz has recorded the evolution of the split-face from a study in composition to a convincing argument that the Mona Lisa is Leonardo's self-portrait.

From the Hindu Newspaper, January 1, 2000, an article by Jayasree Sarnathan wrote: "computer imaging and x-ray analysis declare that Mona Lisa was not a woman at all! The American computer artist Lillian Schwartz and London Maudsley Hospital registrar, Dr. Digby Quested, believe that Mona Lisa was a mirror image of Leonardo da Vinci."
It is possible that Leonardo chose to live as a man because during those ages, she would have been put to death or not able to use her genius to create. There is also historical evidence that there was a female pope – Pope Joan.

Many will call Pope Joan a myth, however up until 1276 AD, she was acknowledged by the Catholic Church. She was born in 814 Ad in Ingelheim, Germany and supposedly travelled to Greece and wanted to be part of the Church hierarchy and disguised herself as a man. I have also described this in my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls. Pope Joan was researched by writer Donna Woolfolk Cross and a movie has been made in Germany and there is also an American musical title Pope Joan. Cross wrote her book as a novel, however much of what she included is based on actual records that are now disputed by the Church. I also wrote about Mary Magdalene as a work of fiction; however, I did extensive research also. There has been so much history kept from the public and now it is time for it to be revealed. Here's to Leonarda da Vinci and Pope Joan!