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Sunday, June 18, 2006


by Bettye Johnson

From what I have researched and also from what I have been taught, the origins of religion began when God was placed outside the human, meaning the human was to worship a god or gods that was not within. I have been approached to write about the origin of the Bible and before I could address this, Seven Star Hand has posed some interesting and intriguing ideas regarding symbols on my Blog. I have also done research into symbols. Symbols and religion are interrelated. Before addressing the origins of religion I will give some background. Having been a student for over 18 years of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, an academy of the mind and also an ancient school of wisdom, I am familiar with symbols and Gnosticism. Having been taught the theories of quantum physics, I know now that each of us is an observer and as an observer we create by what we think and say. From Seven Star Hand, he is correct from his point of view.

The phrase point of view has a loaded meaning. From my interpretation it means that each of us have our own individual point of viewing or understanding and from our vantage point, we think we are correct. We are correct even if we are coming from a limited base of knowledge because it our point of view. Religion is a very limited foundation to base anything on as absolutely correct. Religion is based on falsehood – or a lie. The Catholic Church has taken this to its zenith in altering the New Testament. The New Testament has been changed, altered and manipulated to get people to remain enslaved to their point of view. As an example, the New York Times has reported that the Catholic Church wants to make changes in the Order of Mass supposedly to bring the language more in keeping it in adherence to the Latin text. An example given is the statement, Lord, I am not worthy to receive you to Lord I am not worthy to receive you and that you should enter under my roof. Both statements are an abomination and are blatantly against the teachings of Jesus.

The premise for Gnosticism is to know. The word gnosis is a Greek word meaning to know. It is to seek knowledge. As with most ideas and teachings, it becomes polluted and misunderstood. When religion took god out of the human, symbols were created to remind the human of who she or he is. Jesus is said to have asked, don’t you know you are gods? In Psalm 82:6, it is written I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. These two statements have been glossed over by theologians for centuries. Jesus also said that we could do greater things than he. Jesus was attempting to bring god back to awareness within the human. However, to do this, the power brokers of temples, mosques and churches would not be in control and the human would remain enslaved to a false doctrine.

Jesus taught by allegories and shared his knowledge only with his trusted disciples because his disciples were at various stages of understanding. Jesus’ brother Thomas Judas, the twin was in all probability taught and trained the same as Jesus. However it is apparent that he did not fully realize the deeper meanings. This also goes for another brother of Jesus, James the Just. James the Just was murdered during the Jewish revolt against the Romans.

The beauty of the book and movie The DaVinci Code is that it touched the inner core of millions of people with a feeling that there was a truth that had been suppressed by the Catholic Church and religion. Yes, there are those who only think it is fiction. Most fiction is based on facts. Myths are allegories of actual teachings and events. Myths are beautiful works of symbols. Fairy tales have been a way for those who knew the esoteric teachings to share the knowledge. What child hasn’t loved Cinderella? I have been taught that Cinderella is an allegory of the brain and how our thoughts work and how our dreams come true.

Getting back to religion and to understand its beginnings, one must explore the Sumerian tablets. Zechariah Sitchen has done an admirable job of translating them in his books The Earth Chronicles. Sitchen sums it up neatly in his Lost Book of Enki. Another writer who has a most informative book is Michael Tellinger’s Slave Species of god. The Sumerian tablets tell the story of the Annunaki who came to this planet from the planet Nibiru searching for gold. Their orbit is lengthy and goes away from the sun so far that it loses much of the energy of the sun. Their scientists discovered that by refining gold in a certain way that they could seed their atmosphere and have light. I am putting this in a very simplistic manner and suggest reading the authors’ books to become more knowledgeable.

One year of the Annunaki is equal to 3,600 Earth years. Over thousands of years, the Annunaki finally rebelled against working the gold mines in Africa and demanded help. The chief scientist and geneticist was Ninhursag who along with her half-brother Enki developed the human form as it is today and this includes the brain. These beings became the slave species and through evolution became the humans of today. In Genesis it is written of the Annunaki and it states, let us make man in our image. Thus the slave species created in a Garden of Eden, i.e. laboratory in Africa were brought up to think that the Annunaki were gods. An important question that I will address further on is who or what occupies these human bodies?

The Old Testament would lead the reader to think that this all happened around 5,000 years ago and yet the tablets say that the astronauts from Nibiru came approximately 450,000 years ago and the human form was created 200,000 years ago. Ninhursag and Enki had a half brother named Enlil and apparently he was in charge of the Earth due to royal seniority. In Tellinger’s book, he names Enlil as evolving into the god Jehovah - a very mean god. All one has to do is read about this god’s wrath and vengeance. A God of all would never do this to her/his people. Why? Because gods occupy the human form. The word gods is a word to describe that aspect of the originator of spirit, its essence that is sent out to explore the many aspects of the Originator. Ramtha states he has come here to wake up the forgotten gods and that our mission is to make known the unknown. If we really think about it, we could ask what is occupying the physical body? We know we have a brain and we know we can think. Therefore we must have a mind. What intelligence is making the body breathe and have automatic reflexes? There has to be an intelligence operating this body or this human vehicle. We are all here on a journey and this is the plane of opposites. For every good there is a bad.

The Old Testament is a quest map of ancient history and some of it is distorted, however there is always a kernel of truth and the perhaps truth is written on the Sumerian tablets. For the seeker, there are two books that shed light on this. Ramtha, A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity, Part I: Human Civilization, Origins and Evolution and the Part II: Rediscovering the Pearl of Ancient Wisdom.

Jesus chose to incarnate and his mission was to bring humanity a new way of living. His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1; 7:28) is the greatest sermon ever given and if those who profess to be Christians would apply this teaching to their lives, we would not have war, prejudice, hatred, or anger. Unfortunately most Christians and Moslems are still applying the message of Jehovah (Enlil) in their lives. They pay obeisance to Jesus and Mohammed but do not apply in their lives the original teachings. They perpetuate the erroneous teaching of Jehovah (Enlil).

The Catholic Church has perpetuated the Great Lie that God is outside of the human and one has to have an intermediary or intercession. What a travesty! The cross has been the club they use to keep the populance in ignorance. Jesus dying for your sins is a lie. He came to bring the human a sword of truth to free you and yet for nearly two thousand years – ever since the Council of Nicea created Christianity, humanity has born the yoke of sin and guilt and reinforced the slave mentality that the human was programmed with from the beginning.

There have been enlightened beings that have incarnated and have created symbols to remind the gods in the human form of their origins. The swastika is one of the most ancient symbols and yet Hitler adopted it, turned it to face the reverse and now it is a hated symbol. The ancient meaning of the swastika pertained to the four directions of space and solar creation. It was also a sign of sky gods and the sun and became a universal symbol for divine energy including prosperity. It was commonly used by many cultures, i.e. China, Greece, India and England as well as Scandinavia and the American Indian tribes. It is sad that it only took one man to turn it into a hated and feared symbol.

The advertising world has latched on to sacred symbols and this is another travesty. The Shell Oil Company uses the symbol of the shell, which is a sacred symbol that pilgrims carry with them while walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Texaco uses the sacred five-pointed star as their symbol. Now more and more advertising is using sacred symbols. One is the pyramid as the food pyramid. Those who watch television a lot are constantly being subliminally bombarded with the purloining of sacred symbols to where their subconscious minds no longer feel the pull towards the spirit, but are dumbed down and addicted to corporate America.

One has only to go to Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France to view the great symbols left by the architect(s) of that beautiful cathedral. In all probability the Knights Templar brought the knowledge of the symbols back from Jerusalem along with divine geometry. In this cathedral there is not one statue or picture of Jesus on the cross. There are two Black Madonnas and it is obvious this cathedral is dedicated to the divine greatness of Mary Magdalene. The Catholic Church did their best to eradicate her greatness. However, her greatness is reflected in the great cathedrals in Europe and the Rose Window is one example. The labyrinth on the floor in Chartre is a reminder to the god within that our journey is to realize who we are and our purpose for being in human form.

Now is the time to allow those who choose to stay in the clutches of religion to do so, and to take back one’s power and evolve into the recognition of who we really are. One of the most difficult challenges is to move away from hypocrisy, prejudice and believing that our way is the only way. There are as many different ways to god-realization as there are humans on this planet. We can change our genetics by changing our mind. Our brain is encoded with knowledge that we are a god and it is up to us to activate this code. We no longer have to believe that due to our genes that we have to be a certain way. This is a limitation.

Religion is a format for control and to keep the human in slave mentality. Perhaps it has always been that way since the human form was created. Because of the way slave mentality has reacted to those who want to go against religious ideology, we have had horrendous massacres and have burned people at the stake. It is documented that Christian Crusaders roasted live babies in front of their mothers and ate them. It is time we evolved beyond. There are many great beings that have moved beyond and these are the unsung heroes, the great minds, the great scientists and the greater writers. This is why the sacred knowledge had to go underground and become the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons who now are suspect due to pollution. Those who have left religion are to be blessed for they have the minds that can evolve them to freedom. Seeking knowledge is a great way to move into freedom. True freedom is the freedom of mind to think for oneself and not follow the herd mentality. When one can read the Bible with detachment, it seems that unnoticed items leap out and give us a new perspective.

If what I have written disagrees with your point of view, I urge you to research and find out if your point of view can be expanded. Welcome to the Journey.