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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


What the Blank Do We Know About the Bible? Part 2
By Bettye Johnson ©

In Part I we have the Annunaki departing the Earth leaving the planet sectioned off in twelve’s and with each sector having twelve tribes and with each tribe ruled by a king or a pharaoh. Exactly when the Annunaki (the gods) left is up for grabs. When one considers that calendars do change such as the Julian, Gregorian, Ethiopic and Mayan, it is difficult to pin the correct year down.

If one were to reason it, how faithful are the ancient writings as to what actually happened? According to Sitchen’s research of the Sumerian Tablets, the Annunaki first arrived around 450,000 B.C. It took them another 250,000 or so years to finally come up with a primitive worker (slave) to do their work for them according to him. From archeological finds in Africa, the first female skeleton found was in Ethiopia and has been named Lucy, a hominid who lived 3.2 million years ago. Perhaps Lucy and her species were the primitive beings found by the Annunaki when they arrived.

Since the archaeological find of Lucy, other skeletons have been found of advanced beings named homo- sapiens or homo- erectus dated 300,000 to 400,000 years ago. They have been found near Greece, Southern France and Germany as well as other places. Perhaps I am getting too far afield, however my point is that the change from the hominid to homo- sapiens indicates a change in the construction of the skull. The research is there to find if one is interested.

All of this is pertinent to the Old Testament (O.T.) because it is a collection of books written at different periods of history and much of it has been handed down by word of mouth and if you have ever played the whispers game, then you do have a working knowledge of how things do get distorted. Dates get changed, names get changed and it changes according to who is doing the translating.

Some scholars claim that Noah’s Ark and the Flood never happened as reported in the O.T. There is archeological proof that a flood did happen in Mesopotamia in 2900 B.C.E. but it was never as great as to flood the entire Earth. In one sense they are correct. I’ll accept that there was a flood, however if one looks at what is called the ‘myth’ of Noah’s Ark, there is another plausible explanation.

According to the Sumerian texts, one of the first kings was Ziusudra later to be known as Noah. He was a favorite of Enki because Enki was the co-creator with Ninhursag of the primitive worker and now some of them had been educated and were ready to rule over the evolved primitive workers. In the story of Adam and Eve, there were many Adams and Eves because the laboratories of Ninhursag produced artificial insemination to birth the original prototypes until they could procreate together. Who knows, Enki could have fathered the predecessors of Ziusudra/Noah.

In the O.T. the story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis has a serpent tempting Eve to eat an apple or to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. The serpent represents Enki as the one who gave knowledge to the human-hybrids. If he tempted Eve, it would probably mean he was able to teach her and she in turn taught Adam. Enki taught them knowledge. Isn’t it interesting how stories get twisted when it comes to giving women credit for having a brain and being able to use it? Instead she has been given bad press.

Apparently the Annunaki knew a massive change in the Earth’s pole shift would result in instant flooding and Enlil was prepared to let the primitive workers perish. Enki, because he helped Ninhursag create them didn’t want this to happen and even though he took an oath with the Council of 12 not to inform the workers, he managed to get the information to one of his favorites, Ziusudra/Noah. There is a tablet with a drawing of Enki speaking through a screen to Ziusudra/Noah giving him information. The Annunaki were very advanced beings technologically. They had underwater vessels, which today we call submarines and apparently used them extensively in exploring this planet.

Ziusudra/Noah was told to build an underwater vessel and take on board the DNA/gene seeds of all the animals, etc which he did. When the vessel reached land, it was on top of Mt. Ararat as the story goes. With the DNA, in laboratories the animals, fowls, and other creatures could be re-created. It is reported in the Sumerian texts that the Annunaki also brought grape vines and other plants to establish on this planet. Therefore there could be some truth that Noah did get drunk on the wine he made.

However, in attempting to re-construct these events time wise, there is a very important event that hasn’t been taken into consideration because in many circles it is considered a myth and that is the sinking of the continent Atlantis. Could it be that the great flood was actually the demise of Atlantis? It is said that Lemuria perished centuries before Atlantis became submerged. Events not understood have a way of being relegated to myths. One such is the Pantheon of the Annunaki gods became known as the pantheon of the Greek gods and then the pantheon of the Roman gods and so on. As humankind evolved, names changed and dates possibly changed.

Getting back to the O.T., some researchers say that the Book of Psalms originated from the Egyptians. I mention this because in Psalms 82:6 it states: know ye that ye are gods? The same verse is re-stated by Jesus in John 10:35. Isaiah 41:23 also refers to this. Truth has a way of weaving itself through distortion and disinformation. If the Annunaki are gods, then by having their DNA and genes in the homo- erectus (us), then it means that we are also gods. An interesting thought to contemplate. What intelligence is operating our bodies?

Meanwhile back to Ziusudra/Noah, the O.T. states that Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. They must have brought their wives with them on the submarine because Shem had 5 sons and it is recorded that this family went on their way and settled Persia/Iran, Assyria and Syria and possibly onward Eastward.

Ham, whose name in Hebrew means burnt, black had 4 sons and this family migrated to Africa, which included Cush/Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya and Palestine. This is all most interesting and I will return to this later.

The third son was Japheth and he had 7 sons and according to the historian Flavius Josephus (circa 93 A.CD.), this branch of the family migrated to France, Spain, Wales, Germany and other parts of Europe. They spread out and they multiplied. However if Noah and his family brought others with them and it is very likely they did, then we can see how fast the population swelled. There are myths of a great flood in other parts of the world and one being the Eskimos. One would think it possible that there were other survivors in other parts of the world. Perhaps one day information and verification will arise that this is true. It is something to think about.

Apparently it was after the return of Noah that the gods/Annunaki also returned. It was easy for them to vacate the planet because they had spaceships and a home planet to go to. In the Sumerian texts it tells of a disagreement among the descendents of Enki and Enlil and yes they did fight among themselves. They had the technology of nuclear weapons and it was Ninurta who pushed the button resulting in a nuclear blast and thus the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Archaeologists have found evidence of five cities being destroyed within sight of the Dead Sea. The cities had become white ash. There is also a ziggurat on a platform that is nothing but white ash. Balls of calcified brimstone have also been found. Lot’s wife did not heed the warning to not look back and she became a pillar of salt. In other words, she became white ash. Perhaps this is why the Dead Sea cannot sustain life.

Ham’s name is translated as burnt and black, which is an indication of the color of his skin. Therefore it would be plausible that Noah and all his family were black. The Sumerian texts refer to the Primitive Workers as black hair. In the O.T., using Strong’s Bible Concordance, the words Ethiopia and Ethiopian are mentioned 39 times. Ethiopians have always been known to have black skin. In the Book of Numbers 12:1, it refers to Moses wife as Ethiopian. In all likelihood, Moses was Egyptian and during those days, their skin was very dark ranging from cinnamon color to black.

Another clue as to the skin color is the word leprous. “…behold his skin is white as snow,” (Exodus 4:6) and “Miriam became leprous, white as snow,” (Numbers 12:10). Light skin people turn dark where the skin is leprous and in dark skin people the skin turns white as snow. Therefore it stands to reason that in the O.T. the major characters were of dark skin or black skin and not white as many paintings portray them. If one looks at the statues of Egyptian pharaohs they are usually of a dark hue. This would include the Israelites. Over the past two thousand years there has been intermarriage and the skin hues have gotten lighter except in places of Ethiopia.

The O.T. is in actuality filled with clues. There also appears to be two gods with the most predominant one being Jehovah. Who is Jehovah? He certainly isn’t the God. In the O.T. there is a god that is mean and evil who causes plagues, death and destruction. There is also a god that is loving and in the Book of Micah 6:8, He has shown you, O man, what is good, And what the Lord requires of you: Only to do justice And to love goodness, And to walk humbly with your God. This is important because it is implying to walk humbly with your God, meaning that God is within each individual. Perhaps this was Enki giving instructions.

Many researchers of the O.T. and the Sumerian texts have concluded Jehovah was the Annunaki god Enlil and on the surface it would appear to be so. He had a dislike for his half-brother Enki and his sister Ninhursag because they brought forth the human form, as we know it today. He wanted to be the supreme ruler. He also had the technology for inventing a device to communicate with the humans on Earth and this device could be what is called the Ark of the Covenant. As Jehovah he usually arrived in a pillar of cloud, which indicates a spaceship. The Book of Ezekiel has many references to spaceships. Yes, the extraterrestrials apparently seeded this planet.

It would appear that when the Council of Twelve along with the Annunaki departed this planet that they felt the kings they had trained and put in place could govern well with one exception and that would be Jehovah/Enlil. However, there apparently came a time when he also departed and it would be when the O.T. was accumulated and put together. There is much speculation among researchers and no one has all the answers. It is really up to us individually to sort this out according to our understanding and beliefs.

The Sumerian texts tell of Enlil’s granddaughter Inanna being given dominion over the area known as India. Inanna is also known as Ishtar. Archaeologists in 1922 discovered the ancient city of Harappa and other cities in and near the Indus Valley. The people of that era had huge planned cities with straight streets; brick homes with private baths and each house had its own bathroom and private well. The sewers ran under the streets. These sites are dated approximately 5,000 years ago. Perhaps this was one of the 12 sectors because Inanna was a member of the Council.

China could also be another one of the 12 sectors. There have been skeletons found that are dated 3 million years ago. The first written documents began around 3600 years ago.

There is so much history yet to be revealed regarding South America, the North American continent as well as Asia. Our history is not just the O.T. There were great civilizations on the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria and most of it is under the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Archaeologists are determining that there is evidence of skeletons dating as far back as 50,000 years or beyond in North America. When we open our minds to new information, we get an entirely different perspective…to be continued. Part 3 – The New Testament.

"The journey is the gathering of pearls of wisdom gained from experiences and remembering who you really are." - A Christmas Awakening