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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


An Ongoing Journey No. 2

Ten years ago, when I was writing a fantasy fiction novel, I purchased a block of ISBN numbers. I thought I would become a hotshot author. Half way through the manuscript, I was clicking off to do something else. I already had approximately 150 pages written. Then I did the unthinkable.

When the message came up asking if I wanted to save the changes, I clicked 'no'. Poof! No more manuscript! Somehow, I deleted the entire manuscript. No, I did not have it on a disk. No, I did not do any of things a wise author would have done. Yes, I was upset. Yes, I was discouraged. No, I did not attempt to reconstruct my great novel. I went into remission. Yes, there is life after deletion……to be continued.


An Ongoing Journey ~ No. 1

I have learned that when I think I have a grasp on things or think I know it all—I don't.
I have had one of those grand learning experiences and will share it here. I thought I had completed the manuscript for the sequel to Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls. Wrongo in the Congo. In other words, I created a blooper—or so I thought.

For some reason, the page formatting for the new book wasn't clicking and the idea came to look into upgrading my Word 2000. I went on-line to Microsoft and noted I could download a Microsoft Word 2007 on a trial basis for 60 days. Yes, I downloaded it.

Again, the page formatting wasn't connecting and I spent a few weeks cursing Word and myself when I knew I shouldn't. Fortunately I didn't lose the manuscript! Have you ever had those moments when your brain isn't really functioning? I felt like that and finally an idea--duh!--came to me to go to Microsoft technical support because after reading their Help numerous times and watching their video, my eyes focused on one small sentence. Not all of the components of Microsoft Word 2007 interface with other Word versions. My Word 2000 page formatting was one of those components.

I found a phone number for technical support from Microsoft and I called it. After explaining my dilemma, I was transferred to a technician in India. Yes, India. The technician was very nice and asked me to download a temporary software called 'Peer to Peer.' Shortly I began to watch his cursor move on my screen and he created the correct page format. We are indeed becoming one world. A great display of there is no such thing as time, distance and space. It is only our own concept.

With the switching from one Word program to another, some of the manuscript became out of kilter—or slightly messed up. When I began making order from chaos, I noted a few bloopers and I have been correcting/changing those. Word 2007 is very good at letting me know when I am got using the correct grammar. Yes, I purchased the Word 2007 and we are getting to know each other. I think we are going to like each other eventually. Our marriage almost turned into a nasty fight.

What came with downloading the purchased Word 2007 was another challenge. I clicked on my Outlook Express and it had a new look. Zounds! Where did my folders disappear to? What happened to my e-list folders? What appeared to me was something from another reality and I almost went into shock when emails sent to me in 2004 and 2005 began surfacing. I closed down and sat stunned. I then decided to go back on-line and see what I could do and a box popped up asking if I wanted Outlook Express as my default user or Outlook. I realized there is a vast difference and Outlook is for the corporate world.

Happy am I to say that my dear Outlook Express popped up and all of my beloved files, folders and e-list folders were intact.

From this came the idea to begin a series of articles regarding my journey as a writer and post them on my blog: www.magdalenescrolls.blogspot.com….to be continued.