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Friday, January 29, 2010


The latest news regarding the possibility of Leonardo da Vinci's remains are to be exhumed and the possibility of the famous painting Mona Lisa could be a self-portrait is not news to me. I find it most fascinating to read that some scholars are suggesting that da Vinci painted himself as a woman. They really have not quite verbalized that da Vinci could have been a woman. When I first published the first edition of Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls in 2004, I wrote of this and give Schwartz and Dr. Quested as my authority as a footnote on page 176.

The morphing of Leonardo to Mona Lisa began in 1987 by a computer expert who at that time was a consultant for At&T's Bell Laboratories. Using a computer, Lillian Schwartz split the faces of the Mona Lisa and Leonardo's self-portrait down the middle. Schwartz adjusted the sizes and juxtaposed them so that one side of Mona Lisa's face matched Leonardo's. Schwartz has recorded the evolution of the split-face from a study in composition to a convincing argument that the Mona Lisa is Leonardo's self-portrait.

From the Hindu Newspaper, January 1, 2000, an article by Jayasree Sarnathan wrote: "computer imaging and x-ray analysis declare that Mona Lisa was not a woman at all! The American computer artist Lillian Schwartz and London Maudsley Hospital registrar, Dr. Digby Quested, believe that Mona Lisa was a mirror image of Leonardo da Vinci."
It is possible that Leonardo chose to live as a man because during those ages, she would have been put to death or not able to use her genius to create. There is also historical evidence that there was a female pope – Pope Joan.

Many will call Pope Joan a myth, however up until 1276 AD, she was acknowledged by the Catholic Church. She was born in 814 Ad in Ingelheim, Germany and supposedly travelled to Greece and wanted to be part of the Church hierarchy and disguised herself as a man. I have also described this in my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls. Pope Joan was researched by writer Donna Woolfolk Cross and a movie has been made in Germany and there is also an American musical title Pope Joan. Cross wrote her book as a novel, however much of what she included is based on actual records that are now disputed by the Church. I also wrote about Mary Magdalene as a work of fiction; however, I did extensive research also. There has been so much history kept from the public and now it is time for it to be revealed. Here's to Leonarda da Vinci and Pope Joan!