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Friday, February 04, 2011

In Praise of the Magdalene Books


Last night, I finished reading Book Two of, "Mary Magdalene-Her Legacy." It is with sadness that I don't have a Book Three to start reading. (smiling)

Bettye, you have enriched my life with knowing that there is truth and knowledge in that all of us are unique "God Beings" capable of walking our paths in this lifetime with strength, courage and knowingness.

I was always aware that humankind was evolving into awareness that is most definitely needed during Mother Earth's cycle at this time, but after reading your eloquent words in the two Magdalene books, I am more certain than ever using our intuitiveness and blessings to all will take us to a more beautiful life of humankind upon Mother Earth. We are custodians of this lovely planet and must exhibit love, compassion, discernment and healing which are truly priceless.

I've read the Ramtha books but I must say, you're words in the Magdalene books truly moved me beyond words and into deeper feelings of Love for humankind. Thank you for your teachings.

Thank you so much for giving a deeper understanding of who we truly are as spiritual beings. You have given me the nudge, (smiling) to trust my intuition at all times because that is where truth resides.

You told me you have a "kernel" for Book Three. Well, I will help you by visualizing much success with Book Three and encourage that growing of the "kernel" to be a truly magnificent growth.

Your two books of the Magdalene will have permanent residence on my bedside table because I will read them over and over again. I honor you as a truly blessed God Being.
Jo Dean - Tasmania, Australia January 18, 2011

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