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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Truth or Fiction?


History is really a fluid movement in time and it can be either truth or fiction according to how the writer perceives it to be. In writing my book, Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, I did extensive research and wrote the manuscript to the way I perceived that it could have been. There were times when I felt the book was writing itself.

I have been asked if these scrolls written by Mary Magdalene are true and will they be found. It is a possibility that I captured a period in time and that what I wrote is not only possible but perhaps a potential.

In my research, I found many diverse concepts regarding Mary Magdalene, Jesus and most of what is accepted is from Christian writers. Christianity did not come into being until the Emperor Constantine created a new religion when he called together a gathering of men at a series of meetings labeled the Council of Nicea in 323 A.D.
In addition, much of what is in the New Testament was written a hundred or more years after the event. It is unfortunate that people have been sold a bill of goods by the Church and no one really delves into the Egyptian side of events during this period of history.

Having been taught something about quantum physics, I also realize that the past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. How can that be? There are writers who have written fiction books and in their content, the characters move from the present to the past or perhaps to the future. This is usually labeled science fiction or something else.

The British BBC made a documentary on parallel universes with prestigious scientists. Segments of this documentary can be views on You Tube with the title being Parallel Universes.

Perhaps I tappedinto one. Are the scrolls real? It is a possibility. Will they ever be found? Again, it is a possibility. As a writer, I am also a messenger. If you have read Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, then you may want to re-read it with another point of view.

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